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The '''British Ornithologists' Club''' (BOC) aims to promote discussion between members and others interested in ornithology, and to facilitate the dissemination of scientific information concerned with ornithology. The BOC has a special interest in avian systematics, taxonomy and distribution. The BOC was founded at a meeting of 15 members of the British Ornithologists' Union held in Covent Garden, London on 5 October 1892. This was at a time when individuals and expeditions were exploring remote parts of the world, discovering many new species of birds in the process and the BOC was formed to enable members to meet regularly to present papers, exhibit specimens and engage in discussion on wider ornithological matters. The BOC has continued to meet regularly in London (with occasional meetings elsewhere) and, as at June 2012, has held 970 meetings. Meetings now take the form of a talk followed by discussion, with refreshments available afterwards. Meetings are free and...
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